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March 23 to April 02, 2023 / 4 to 9 pm (closed March 27 to 29)
Beate Höhn + Micha Purucker
welcome to oblivion
Umbrüche – Zeitenwende – Déjà-vus

artists’ choice

Beate Höhn from Nuremberg and Micha Purucker from Munich have been present in Bavaria, nationally and internationally with their choreographic works since the 1980s. Again and again their very different artistic paths have crossed - be it in joint projects, at symposia or in connection with other artistic formats.
In a joint research project by the two choreographers, which culminates in an interactive exhibition format in the setting of a workroom, the project on the theme "Upheaval - Turn of the times - Déjà-vus" is now being presented to an audience in Nuremberg (Künstlerhaus) and Munich (artists' choice, Glockenbach).

The outstanding feature of this collaboration lies in the common contemporaneity of the artists, while at the same time having very different artistic signatures: Höhn / Purucker work methodically, stylistically, aesthetically, dramaturgically very differently. The project is not intended to blur these differences at all, but to intensify them by showing how a common research enterprise can lead to diverging scenic designs, ideas, artistic strategies, sketches and solutions.

Both approaches have always positioned themselves politically, socially and culturally in relation to the present. Because of this attention of the two choreographers to the present and the associated social environment, as well as on the basis of their personal memories and experiences, both increasingly have the impression of various revenants and déjà vu in view of the upcoming turn of time and its possible consequences.

So the two ask the following questions together:
Will one again freeze in a block formation (East-West, North-South), with all the border demarcations and the potential for confrontation, as it was known before and thought to have been overcome (NATO Doppelbeschluss)? What self-deceptions did they succumb to, what lies did they believe, and why? Are we experiencing a creeping counter-secularization that goes hand in hand with the strengthening of religious conflicts? Is the integrity of the body and the disposal of one's own body again under discussion (§218, LGBT+, transhumanism, health dictatorship). Is the 'Western' model as a blueprint for globalization a repackaged colonialism? The limits to growth - and thus the finite nature of our economic system - were first discussed fifty years ago. Where do we stand today with the effects of climate change?

The result is a collection of material with film and audio contributions, photos and texts on an expanded concept of the turning point in time. Experts will also be consulted with their opinions and will have their say in lectures. So what are the dominant 'images' that move us and which of them have we had before?

"We define ourselves by what we remember and forget together." (Ernst Renan in "Erinnerungsräume" by Aleida Assmann)

Nürnberg: Künstlerhaus Glasbau, Königstr. 93 // Opening February 4, 2023, at 6 pm
Exhibition: February 4 to March 2, 2023, 10 am to 6 pm
München: artists’ choice , Ickstattstr. 22 // Opening March, 23, 2023, at 6 pm Exhibition: March 24 to 26, 2023 and March 30 to April 2023, 4 to 9 pm
The entrance is free.


A project sponsored by the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art in cooperation with the Künstlerhaus in the KunstKulturQuartier Nuremberg and support of the City of Nuremberg and the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture