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September 27, 2013 / 8.30 pm
„Les Nouveaux Repérages“

> schwere reiter

Since 2006 the Tanztendenz has been a partner in the international network for contemporary dance: Les Repérages* that initiates and fosters contacts between 15 European nations, Canada, Brazil, and Tunisia. Every year in March representatives of the national contemporary choreographers’ scene are sent to the “Danse à Lille” festival (2014: “Le Grand Bain”) to Lille and Roubaix in the north of France. Emerging choreographers can present short pieces within a professional frame and make important new contacts with international presenters. Until recently, the Tanztendenz and Tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf alternately sent choreographers to Lille. The latter, however, have withdrawn their participation from the network, leaving the Tanztendenz as the sole German partner.
The International Choreographers’ Atelier organized biennially by the Tanztendenz has always been a format, which presented the opportunity to take part in the exchange by inviting choreographers, who had introduced their work in Lille.
For the first time now the Tanztendenz will invite choreographic jewels to guest at Munich’s schwere reiter venue to reflect this new status as the network’s sole German partner:
Compagnie CFB 451 from France will show their solo „Valse en trois temps“ as part of a double bill with Zufit Simon‘s duo „Adom Modulations“; the performance by Zufit Simon was chosen as a candidate for Lille 2014. On another night the James Cousins Company will present the duo “There We Have Been” that could be seen last at Sadler’s Wells in London.
*le repérage: (determination of a) location, locating, bearing

Supported by the Cultural Department of the city of Munich and the British Council.

On a classical music theme, Christian & François Ben Aïm put into perspective artistic disciplines, this time between contemporary movement and classical music. This solo will be questioning notions of abstraction and fluidity of the body in space. The choreographical act is emphasized here, proposing a moment of aerial dance, when the soul lets itself goes and travels with its body.

Choreography: CFB 451 - Christian et François Ben Aïm
Dance: Aurélie Berland
Duration: 15 minutes

In Hebrew ADOM stands for “red“. DAM- Blood, ADAM – the first human being and ADAMA – earth. All these words share a strong connection, which develops into a choreographically dense, highly musical duet. Two slender bodies in a web of complex movements. Bodies striving to stand upright, stumble, falter, always with the depths of the abyss at their feet. Their movements are perpetuated in the Other’s body, they are a mutual source of support and locomotion. A helping hand is always also a physical relationship of interdependency. And so the dance develops desired and undesired relationships of interdependency.

“Initially ADOM was just a study that developed from performance to performance. A specific quality of movement emerged between the two bodies and to the ground. ADOM Modulations is a revision of the original topic, which also gives me a chance to build up on it and develop it further.”

Concept and Choreography: Zufit Simon
Dance: Ulrike Etzold, Zufit Simon
Music: Nackt, Robert Merdzo
Lighting: Rainer Ludwig
Production: artblau Tanzwerkstatt Duration: 35 minutes

schwere reiter
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Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture
  François Ben Aïm
After training in physical theater with Hellequin Company, he played in two shows (Aria Xenoland and a red spot). He co-directs the festival of performing arts, The Harvest of April for its 1993, 1994, 1995 editions. In parallel, he continues his exploration of the arts of movement and dance. In Quebec in 1995, he met the Dutch choreographer and video artist Angelika Oei, and participated in the creation at the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal ; after he continued this collaboration in Lisbon and Rotterdam with the creation of shows and Tomi Tomi 4.0, mixing video and live dance film. In France, it is an interpreter for S. Djebbar, O. Azagury, and the solo Retouramont Samuel, Book II, Chapter 6 of Serge Papiernik-Be.

Christian Ben Aïm
He approaches the arts at the age of nine, and then explores particularly physical theater, circus arts and dance. He follows a year at the Ecole du Passage in Paris and then participates at the collective creation of two street performances combining theater, juggling and music. In 1995, he directed «The Overwhelmed» street show for seven performers. From October 1995 to late 1997, he worked with the company Carbone 14 in Montreal (reprise of the show The Dorm, creating Dead Souls, Winter). Back in France, it is an interpreter for companies Philippe Jamet (Portraits in), Hervé Diasnas (The tabloid angels, transparencies), Odile Azagury (Fields of Love, How much is an angel?) Haim Adri (anamnesis Act 1), and Norway with the Virginia Co. Hybrium Mira and Namik Makick (The folding sky). He works since 1997 with his brother, Francis Ben Aim, in the company CFB 451.

A co-direction
The work of Christian & François Aïm Ben explores different faces of our humanity: memory, commitment, observation of everyday life, dreams ... After spending two years in Montreal, they created the company in 2000 CFB 451, located in the Val-de-Marne, near Paris. Today, fifteen pieces, from the solo to 10 dancers have been created. If their choreographic research, close to some parts of the dance-drama finds its inspiration in different worlds such as the poetry of Gaston Miron, photographs by Josef Koudelka or parts of Bernard-Marie Koltes, they also develop an original writing mixing dance with other disciplines such as video, poetry, music, theater or circus. Valse en trois temps in 2010 or L’Ogresse des archives et son chien created in autumn 2011 is an opportunity for them to continue their work of co-directors. Their choreography requires both committed bodies and detached emotions. Christian and François Ben Aïm have developed an expressive language that allows ample scope for the performer to interpret their choreography. The interplay between dance and text as well as between dance and music is a touchstone for them.

Zufit Simon,
was born in Israel and moved to germany in 1998.
She completed her dance education in Israel and Germany. In 2001, she received her degree in classical and contemporary Dance from the university for Music and performing Art Frankfurt a.m. Zufit Simon has since worked as a dancer e.g. with Saar Magal, Ingo Reulecke, Christoph Winkler, Cobosmika Company, Marco Santi, Cocoondance company, Sabine Glenz, Micha Purucker and Dieter Heitkamp. In 2004, she choreographed her first solo "fleischlos". It wan the third prize at the "best German Dance solo" competition at euro-scene Leipzig in 2005. The year after she created the duet installation "Diminuendo" with Ingo Reulecke.
Her successful piece "ADOM MODULATIONS" was shown on numerous festivals in Germany and abroad. In 2009, "Meine Mischpuche" which was awarded the third prize at the international Competition for choreographers Hannover was presented during the Tanz im August festival 08` in Berlin.
Her latest piece "I like to move it" was presented in Berlin in february 2013.