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April 16 to 18, 2015 / 7 pm / 8.30 pm / Sat 11 am + 7 pm
Micha Purucker
archival beach

> schwere reiter

A walk-in diagram — a spatial hybrid between exhibition, cinema and stage.

A movement profile from 30 years of choreography and action. A medial infrastructure of performative platform, pinboards, screens, listening and viewing stations—loaded and performed each evening from a new and different point of view. As an installation and an exhibition, “archival beach” unfurls an experientially accessible network of relationships among themes, references, persons and influences. As a concept and spatial diagram, it is a transferrable model for a dynamic archive of artistic work.

Embedded in this on three days is “organic display – poles apart,” Purucker’s performance about the terrain of his work between dissolving and gaining the human body.

Organized as a score for voice, “organic display – poles apart” runs two contrary trains of thought and bodily practices around a center that has been left empty. On the one side, there is the reduction of the human being and the person to the brain (transplant medicine). On the other side stands a practice such as bodybuilding, which aims for mass and bodily growth through enormous effort. Both strategies miss their mark, i.e. the body, and ultimately represent the extreme antitheses of one and the same fleeing: away from the body.

THUR april 16
7 pm exhibition, video.concert, snacks
8.30 pm lecture: Dr. Rainer Gruber (Theoretische Physik) „Von Verkrustungen, Erfolg und dem Nutzen der Retrospektive – oder wie viele Häutungen braucht die Physik?“

FRI april 17
7 pm exhibition
8.30 pm performance: „organic display - poles apart“
among others with Gabriele Graf, Uli Zentner, Daniel Kirchhoff

SAT april 18
11 pm café + exhibition,
7 pm video.concert, snacks
8.30 lecture: Marcus Steinweg (philosopher) „Evidenzterror“

every day presence: Micha Purucker

Concept, directing, visuals: Micha Purucker
Sound: Robert Merdžo
Lightdesign: Michael Kunitsch
Atelier: Manuela Müller, Peter Slabon
Public Relations: Beate Zeller

Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. Micha Purucker is member of Tanztendenz München.

schwere reiter
Dachauer Straße 114
80636 München
Tram 12, 20, 21 oder Bus 53
Haltestelle Leonrodplatz

price: 15,- / 10,- red.
beach.pass: 30,-
exhibition: 5,-
reservation: 089 / 721 10 15 or just come to the venue the same evening.


Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture