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04. Juli 2013 / 19:30
Daniele Ninarello
Rock Rose WoW

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Daniele Ninarello, einer der drei ausgewählten Choreografen für die SHARED CHOREOGRAPHIC RESIDENCY zwischen München, Turin und Luxemburg,
hat sich zuletzt bei CLASH, Ende April, dem Münchner Publikum vorgestellt.
Er wird nun einen Teil seiner nächsten Produktion "Rock Rose WoW" mit zwei Tänzerinnen während einer kurzen Residenz in der Tanztendenz erarbeiten.
Am 4. Juli lädt er zu einem Showing seines work-in-progress ein.
Der Eintritt ist frei.

Rock Rose WoW
Contemporary dance and research

"Rock Rose WoW" tries to define the profile of three different bodies that "exceed" toward their own "ego", doing everything they can do. It’s a performance about silent revolutions. By analyzing from different prospectives the theme of the race to self-realization, we can think about all the different personalities living in us, and about the infinite potential that has been sealed and lost in time. The aim is to investigate this territory in order to translate "All I can" through the body. In this state the body duplicates, triplicates itself to tell the fragile beauty and the traces of a lost innocence, hidden behind the need to be important, recognized here and now.
Rock Rose is a flower that naturally opens and closes its corolla very quickly evoking feelings of instability and loss of control. The use of Rock Rose allows you to convert fear into courage and panic into ability to rationalize the situation.

Concept & choreography Daniele Ninarello
Performers Annamaria Ajmone, Marta Ciàppina e Daniele Ninarello
Dramaturg Carlotta Scioldo
Sound designer Mauro Casappa
Set Paolomatteo Patrucco
Light designer luci Cristian Perria

Production Associazione Culturale CodedUomo. Coproduction Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti contemporanee, Lavanderia a Vapore-Centro di eccellenza per la danza di Collegno (Torino), Balletto dell’Esperia/Palcoscenico Danza (Torino), Mosaico Danza (Torino), Electa Creative Arts (Teramo), Tanztendenz München (D). With the support of the project DE.MO./MOVIN’UP II session 2012. Project winner of "Teatri del Tempo Presente 2013" promoted by Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo/Circuito Regionale dello Spettacolo and MiBAC-Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali.

Mehr zu Daniele Ninarello: www.cargocollective.com/danieleninarello

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