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April 05 to April 18, 2021
Plattform für zeitgenössischen Tanz in München

Stream schwere reiter

The videos of the artists can be found below - just click on the title of the piece!

The artists-for-artists initiative sets a sign of solidarity with the dance makers of the independent scene also in times of Corona, and invites 14 choreographers to work on their choreographic ideas for two weeks. HIER=JETZT is a laboratory situation in which the choreographers try out their piece approaches in parts or as a work in progress, and present them for discussion under professional conditions (light, sound, stage) in an open space format in mutual exchange. The sharpened aspect of play development is intended to help artists to realize full-length productions. As this platform, like the one in 2020, will unfortunately be a "Corona version", the results of the work approaches will only be available to the public in digital form from April 20.

Participants 2021

Alina Belyagina: Rzhavchina

Aurora Bonetti: DiSCORDANCE

Matteo Carvone, SUNRISE


Wiebke Dobers und Eleonore Barbara Bovet: Glasshouse

Hoyoung Im: Euphoria

Kathrin Knöpfle und Urte Gudian: Quadrat im Quadrat im Quadrat

Marion Platney und Francois Heun: Meet me

Alvaro Rentz: Zum Teufel mit der Realität

João Santiago: t(raum)a

Andrea Scarfi: HUT

Rosalie Wanka: seXXless // Pink Lady (AT)

Angela Wörgärtner: Inter-mediative-bodies

Tomer Zirkilevich: I call it espoir

An artists-for-artists initiative of theTanztendenz-Miembers Johanna Richter and Birgitta Trommler in Coproduktion with Tanztendenz München e.V.

schwere reiter
Dachauer Straße 116a
80636 München

Gefördert durch das Kulturreferat der LH München, dem BLZT, dem Bezirksausschuss Neuhausen/Nymphenburg BA09 und privaten Spendern.

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture