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Member since 1998
Manfred Jnanadev Kröll

Born 1967 in Innsbruck / Austria; his mother beeing from now ex-Jugoslavia / Petrinja, he spent his first childhood there; studied dance in Innsbruck and Munich, but developped soon his own raving energetic movement speech, that was much influenced by his roots.

stations passed:
Katja Wachter, Jessica Iwanson, Artgenossen, Bilderwerfer, Willi Dorner, Mia Lawrence a.o. scholarship DANCEWEB / international dance Vienna 96 and 98 before he became member of cie.Willi Dorner Vienna.
With the duett „Intertwining“ they won the audience award in Luxembourg, the developped piece „mazy“ got the „Österreichischer Tanzpreis 2000“. After a long tour with „mazy“ he danced with the Mia Lawrence Company in Munich.

In 1997 he started with his own company protanz 2.13. After a few short projects in Berlin and Munich he made his first full-length work called „fishing for compliments“ in 1999. Since then he created 23 different pieces. Additional to the creation of dance he was always interested in cross-over projects and launching various artistical tryouts.

Producer protanz 2.13
In collaboration with „i-camp munich“ he started „solodancecompetition1, “südfleisch“, “Bau-camp“ and „Eiszeit-Endkäufe“, best described as art lounges.
Together with cie.Artgenossen Angelika Meindl he formed the productions „psychonavigation I and II“ and began the annual festival of dancefilm for the Muffathalle München and created their latest work: "Ritual Body" Muffatwerk october 2009 and again january 2011.

Within this framework he made several short films. "Underwaterlove", "war of children", etc.....

Manfred Kröll is member of „Tanztendenz München e.V.“

From 2008 until 2011 protanz 2.13 was much concerned about the dialogue between artistic statement and reality in global society. His solo-work „ such a perfect day-under attack“ confronts the audience with himself as a human beeing and the different ways to feel reality in times of approaching war.

2009 he produced the series "Wilde Tendenzen" with the first theme "du fehlst". He invited different choreographers and artists to perform their feelings about the loss of a beloved person.
"Wilde Tendenzen" was continued in spring 2011 with the polarizing title: "all about sex".
"Wilde Tendenzen" is an annual show and dedicated to borderlines, social items and taboos. 2013 "Wilde Tendenzen" will go on with "THE FUTURE IS NOW - TALK ABOUT YOUR REVOLUTION“

Latest productions: "from hell to heaven", solo about death, the Sunny-Trilogy: "sunny", "my best friend sunny" and to come: "sunny Deluxe and Yoko" about the live and death of Sunny, Seelenecho - August 2011

In the very moment
he intensifies his interest in yoga and got a scholarship by the city of Munich to travel to Vrindavan, the holy city in Northern India. In this spirit he worked on a solo with the title "Inspired by John Cage & Kant" with a deeply felt spirituality.


Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture

Transformance CityXChange
A dance Projekt with 17 choreographers from and in 4 cities. Idea from Manfred Kröll.
September and Oktober 2016, Nürnberg, Regensburg, München, Passau [ mehr ]

Wilde Tendenzen 4__ H. E. L. P.
Dance- and Performance-Platform, july 15 to 18, 2015, i-camp, [ more ]

Rodeo 2014
Participation & Coordination for the production "I-Paradise" by Manfred Killer [ mehr ]

On Stage
since september 2013 directing Choreography & Movement at "On Stage" [ more ] premiere july 9, 2014, i-camp

Plattform Wilde Tendenzen 3
september, 12 to 14, 2013, i-camp, initiated by Manfred Kröll [ more ]

july 28 to august 1, 2012, Kunstpavillon; again june, 14 + 15, 2013, schwere reiter, [ more ] [ more on youtube ]

Inspiration Kant & Cage
october 8, 2011, Tanztendenz [ more ]

all about sex
organization of the performance cycle WILDE TENDENZEN, i-camp,
may 26 - 28, 2011 [ more ]

My best friend SUNNY
soloperformance, festival RODEO MÜNCHEN, schwere reiter,
june, 11 + 12, 2010 [ more ]

Just a perfekt day under attack
Solo "du fehlst", performance cycle Wilde Tendenzen (organized by Manfred Kröll), schwere reiter, december 17 to 19, 2009
[ more ] [ more on youtube ]

Jeder Körper hat IHR Eigenland, a piece for two female dancers, april 2009, schwere reiter
[ more on youtube, Teil 1 ]
[ more on youtube, Teil 2 ]

Sunny und Geistertanz, two projects of the latest cycle 2008
; april 08 guest in TIS with the Solo Sunny. GEISTERTANZ - a Diaslideshow

Tripdog-Solo, Kunstpavillon München, Tripdog-the next day
duett withDali Touiti
, 20 years Tanztendenz/Muffathalle 2007

Stadt aus Glas, a Coproduction with Artgenossen, 2006.

Such a perfekt day under Attack, solo during ZEIGT EUCH, DIE OPEN Stage of Pathos Theater, 2005

Salz der SEELE, Regie: Manfred Killer; Choreography: Manfred Kröll, 2005

Remote Island, together with the choreographer Katharina Jankula; on the stage of OVARB with the Mozarteum Salzburg

Stadt group piece, 6 persons Berlin

missing link, duett m - w

Schrittmacher produced for hip-hop generation

Inkubus, solo for a female dancer

fishing pure one, work in progress

naturalbornchewinggumgirl, american way of life solo w

open for an undefined meaning, Transzendenz trio

emotional picture AIDS&ROSE, solotanz meets duettmalerei

Under Attack, The ART of UNFOLLING

fishing for compliments, first full length production, UA 1999

open for an undefined meaning chosen for the International Ballett Competition Hannover 

Inkubus invited for the competition for the Bavarian Award for Young Artists, 2000

Tanzkombinat, Pilotprojekt; in cooperation with Artgenossen productions: psychonavigation I / II.

collaboration in the movie THE BIGGEST STEP OF ALL french director Eric Valley

Bau-camp/Ein Neger mit Gazelle zagt im Regen nie, interdisciplinary artlounge / cycle about the forgetting, i-camp

Under Attack, "The ART of UNFOLLING" allows every artist to research individually and to present his actual "way to see reality" as a confrontation.

Tanz um das Eis, Collaboration in the project Ulmaro International. 


Start to be
Director: Manfred Killer, 2003

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