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Member since 2013
Sabine Glenz

“My choreographies investigate the possibilities and impossibilities in our relations to the Other and the foreign.
In this I understand for instance our relationship to the group,
our connection to the community, but also to surrounding space(s), artificial objects, or to nature – and ultimately also the relationship to ourselves.” Sabine Glenz

Sabine Glenz starts her choreographic career in 2004 with evening-length solos danced by herself and presented throughout Germany and internationally.
The contents of her choreographies include the occurrence or absence of physical presence and the attempt to position oneself in spaces, situations or groups. She encounters these contents with the language of the body, which is sometimes radically minimalistic, and she relies here on the formulation of ambiguity and arbitrariness.
Right from the beginning S.G. confronts her choreographic work with the visual art forms of photography, film, and painting. The power of the pictorial, the influence of a visual language on choreographic methods and their texture fascinate her. During many years of close cooperation with artists of different disciplines she creates diverse and poignant images of physical manifestations for solos, duets, and group pieces. Photo animations, video installations on stage or in adjoining spaces become essential components of her artistic expression and have an immediate connection with her choreographic work.

After her first solo “I Saw What I Thought I Should See” (2004), “a body within” in 2006 was her second piece which she performed at Kampnagel in Hamburg, the Orangerie in Cologne, and at Tanzspeicher in Würzburg among other venues.

S.G. develops her trilogy „Liquefy“: The duet „study for two figures“ (part 1) focuses on the boundary between two bodies and their mirroring or doubling. The second part “TRANCE” (2008) is dedicated to the liquefaction or dissolution of the individual in the crowd.
“SOFT CUT – Solos for Movement and Photography” (2009) – the third and last part and the core of the trilogy – puts the presence and absence of the body in its surrounding space at the center of the work. “SOFT CUT” is presented at the festivals “Les Repérages” (in March 2010 in Lille and Charleroi), RODEO MÜNCHEN (in June 2010), and at the festival Rencontres Essonne Danse (in April 2011) near Paris.

Together with Stephan Herwig she co-directed the studio series of Tanztendenz München „Immer am Ersten“ and invites presenters, promoters, and dance critics as well as dance scholars and artists to discuss among other things funding and working structures of the independent dance scene, the verbalization of dance, choreographic signatures and methods of established and emerging artists in dialogue with the audience. In her group piece “LAYERS” premiered in the frame of the Munich festival DANCE 2010 the choreographer delves deeper into the exploration of the characteristics of different energies and dynamics in the movement of the individual and in the group; in June 2011 she revives a reworked version of the piece.

Inspired by two contrasting approaches and styles of expression of two female dancers of the twentieth century, Rosalia Chladek and Valeska Gert, she creates „L.O.V.E. – Anordnungen für zwei Tänzer” in cooperation with Zufit Simon and Karen Piewig. The piece is premiered in January 2012.

In cooperation with the Tanzwerkstatt Europa 2012 she developed „WUCHT- choreografische Metaphern“. The piece is distinguished by the interaction among various choreographic styles in relation to physical objects. The results are dynamic choreographic and performative modules.
S.G. was chosen to receive the Grant for Dance of the State Capital City of Munich (Förderpreis Tanz).

As one of the participants in the festival “Les Repérages” she is invited to take part in the Artistic Exchange Residency in Rio de Janeiro.
In her solo evening “Double Bill” (premiered in December 2012) she specifies her main topic of “perceiving oneself and being perceived by others” together with Zufit Simon, who had already participated in earlier productions by Sabine Glenz. Simon took over this theme with awareness of the choreographic design, but reinterpreted it in her personal style. The results are an intersection of each artist’s inner and outer viewpoints, as well as dialogues between the dancer and the choreographer and between the theme and its interpretation.

Alongside additional performances of „Double Bill“ at the Tanzwerkstatt Europa 2013 and at Tanzquartier Vienna (Festival „SOLO? On bodies and their doubles in contemporary dance“), she is invited to the accompanying symposium “MISSING LINKS” at the TWE, dealing with current issues of cooperation and collectivity in contemporary dance.

As part of the Access To Dance performance series her piece „Very Natural Adaption“ is presented at Muffathalle München – in a dialogue between film and live performance S.G. draws the momentary gaze to the alienation from and the glorification of a nature that long ago ceased to exist: a subjective story about the location of the self and about the loss and (re)discovery of identity.

She works as a dancer in Rosemary Butcher’s “test pieces,” which is premiered in Kunstbau des Lenbachhauses in August, followed by a guest performance in Nottingham, UK in March 2015 as part of the Nottdance Festival. “Hands and Days,” another choreographic installation, is premiered in schwere reiter on November 21st. The interplay between subject and object creates a disconcerting tension as boundaries between representation and reality seem to dissolve. Together with Judith Hummel and Markus Kunas, visual processes are translated into the physical, moving praxis.

Collaboration with the Bode Schule and the Galerie der Künstler led to the creation of “Here We Go?”. This installative performance explores the dynamics of communal movement and individual action within a group. The artist encounters the question of our self-image and our belonging in this interdisciplinary project from the viewpoint of daily attitude and gesture. (Premiere May 21, 2015.)

“Replication” - premiered in September at schwere reiter - is distinguished by the free movement of the visitors in the space, where they are confronted by ambiguous images and situations that are also communicated via projections.
“Der Abstand der Dinge” [“The Distance of Things”] is subdivided into three different motifs which derive their tension from the spatial design and the choreographic language. “Replication” is the first part of this trilogy of walk-in installations. It will be followed by “Isolation” and “Order.”

During a residency at nunart in Barcelona, she collaborated with the Catalan dancer Anna Fontanet to develop a lecture performance which was presented in a workshop-like atmosphere at the Muffathalle studios in 2016.
For the MPHIL 360° Festival, Sabine Glenz interpreted Sergei Prokofiev’s “Quintet in G minor, Opus 39” and choreographed “septet for 3 musicians and 4 dancers“ in cooperation with JOINT ADVENTURES and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.


Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture

The Morton Feldman Project
Live-Performance + Installation
December 12 +14, 2021, 12 to 5 pm, Museum für Kunst&Gewerbe, Hamburg [ more ] January 21 + 23, 2022, 1 to 6 pm, Begehbare Klang-Raum-Bild-Tanz-Installation in der WIESE eG, Hamburg, [ more ]

Von Grenzen und Gärten

Live | Performance | Outdoor, july 30 to august 1st / 2021, Diana Garten at Stadtpark Hamburg

A choreographic concert with the percussionists of Münchner Philharmoniker during Tanzwerkstatt Europa, world premiere: august 7, 2018, schwere reiter [ more ]

Research about "Isolation"
residency at "Espace Darja" (Casablanca/Marokko) for the research about the second part of "Der Abstand der Dinge", october 30 to november 18, 2017. She presents her work at the Goethe Institut at Rabat november 14th.

Phasen. Machen
a choreographical research in collaboration with the drummers of Münchner Philharmoniker to music by Steve Reich, september 15 (world premiere) to 17, 2017 at 8.30 pm, schwere reiter [ more ] june 12 + 13, 2019, Muffathalle Munich [ more ]

Septett - für 3 Musiker und 4 Tänzer, a coproduction by JOINT ADVENTURES – Walter Heun in ACCESS TO DANCE with the Festival MPHIL 360° by Münchner Philharmoniker, november 12, 2016
[ more ] [ more on vimeo ]

Lu Mer
Solo with and from Sabine Glenz, Festival Schleudertaum Regensburg part of the dance project Transformance CityXChange,
8. Oktober 2016 [ mehr ]

Lecture Performance
with Sabine Glenz and Anna Fontanet, february 26, 2016, at Muffatwerk [ more ]
[ more on Vimeo ]

The Distance of Things
A choreographical series in three parts: 1. Replication
september 25 (world premiere) to 27, 2015, schwere reiter [ more ]
[ more on Vimeo ]

performative installation with the Bodeschule at Galerie der Künstler, may 21 + 22, 2015 [ more ]
[ more on Vimeo ]

Hands and Days
november 21 (premiere) to 23, 2014, schwere reiter [ more ] march 13, 2015 at Schleudertraum-Festival, Regensburg [ more ]
[ more on Vimeo ]
Rehearsal Verrocchio Art Center [ more on Vimeo ]

Sampler 2010 – 2014
[ more on Vimeo ]

Very Natural Adaption
premiere in the frame of ACCESS TO DANCE at Muffatwerk München, january 14+15, 2014 [ more ]
[ more on Vimeo ]

Double Bill
Solos, december, 6 + 7, 2012,
i-camp / neues theater münchen
replay, august 7 + 9, 2013, during Tanzwerkstatt Europa, i-camp; invited at Tanzquartier Wien november 30, 2013 [ more ] [ more on vimeo ]

premiere during Tanzwerkstatt Europa 2012, i-camp / neues theater münchen [ more on youtube ]

L.O.V.E. - Anordnungen für zwei Tänzer, premiere Januar 2012, schwere reiter [ more on vimeo ]

premiere during the Festival DANCE 2010, schwere reiter
[ more on vimeo ]

SOFT CUT - Soli für Bewegung und Fotografie
premiere 2009, schwere reiter

premiere 2008, i-camp / neues theater münchen [ more on vimeo ]

study for two figures
part 1 of the Trilogie "Liquefy", 2007

a body within
i-camp / neues theater münchen, 2006 [ more on youtube ]

I Saw What I Thought I Should See
i-camp / neues theater münchen, 2004 [ more on youtube ]