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Member since 1998
Katja Wachter

Katja Wachter studied dance and choreography at London Contemporary Dance School, she danced for several English and German companies, but started very early working on her own choreographic projects.
Already her first choreography "I apologize" was shown at the "danceplatform Germany" 1994 in Berlin and her piece "Almost" was selected as the German participant for "bancs d´essai internationaux" 1995, a tour through five countries.
Since the foundation of her own company "Selfish Shellfish" 1995 in Munich she worked on larger scale projects for which she receives funding from the cultural institute of Munich.
Her pieces have been presented at festivals and venues in Europe, Russia, Canada, the USA, Korea, Brazil and Mexico. In 1997 she was awarded the "Staatliche Förderpreis für junge Künstler" (state prize for young artists), 1998 she received the first prize at the International Choreographer's Competition Hannover.
She created pieces for Malashock Dance & Company, San Diego (1998), the Bavarian State Ballet (2000) Kipling Dance Company, Yekaterinburg (2001) and Jigu Dance Theatre, Seoul. "Night jumps" for Kipling was nominated for the Russian Theatre Prize "Golden Mask" in 2003.
In 2004 she was selected for the Aerowaves Program to perform in the Festival "Resolutions" in London.

Katja Wachter teaches contemporary dance and improvisation at Dance Center Iwanson and the Theatre Academy Munich. Since 2000 she was invited regularly as a guest teacher for Contemporary dance at different Korean Universities. She also gives workshops/open classes at schools and studios in Germany and abroad.

London Contemporary Dance School 1991-1993

Ballett Centrum Nürnberg/Fürth 1993-1995; since 1995 open company classes, Munich; Dance Center Iwanson (Improvisation and Contemporary Dance) since 1995; Studio Hasting; audition class for P.A.R.T.S. 1995; Tanztendenz München; Tanzwerkstatt Europa since 1997; open company classes for Malashock Dance & Co., San Diego 1998; Bavarian Theatre academy Munich since 1998; Ruth-von-Zerboni school (state approved acting school) since 1999, Highschool for Music and Theatre, Munich; SEAD, Salzburg, Austria; Master class at UCLA; Korean National University of Arts; Dongduk University, Seoul; Hansung University, Seoul; Tanzhaus Wasserwerk, Zurich;
workshops throughout Germany and abroad since 1996 (Contemporary Dance, Improvisation); Internationales Tanzfestival, Athen, 2004; Tanz- und Produktionszentrum Stuttgart; Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm, 2006; Katnap Dance Centre L.A., 2006



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Das kalte Herz
premiere: December 2, 2023, Theater Ingolstadt [ more ]

The Show Must Not Go On
October 5 (world premiere) to 8, 2023, schwere reiter [ mehr ]

Choreography for the play, directed by Malte C. Lachmann, Theater Lübeck, premiere: September 16, 2022 [ more ]

Der thermale Widerstand
a project with students of the second year at the Bayer. Theaterakademie, choreography, direction and set: Katja Wachter, premiere february 22, 2022 [ mehr ]

Die Konferenz der Vögel
Choreograph at Theater Ingolstadt, director: Knut Weber
september 19, 2020 (premiere)

Our Daily Post
improvised performance with dancers, actors and musiciens, June 25 to 28, 2020, schwere reiter
[ more ]

The Door
a choreography for the Ballett Trier, premiere: April 30, 2020 is postponed!

Choreography for "A adventurous opera by Georg Ringsgwandl", Premiere at Cuvilliéstheater: April 25, 2020 is postponed! [ more ]

I share
Choreography for the Balé Teatro Guaíra (Curitiba/Brasilien), part of „Wachter – Winkler - Scafati“, december 5 + 6, 2017, schwere reiter [ more ]

Score for Performance Lab
by Mia Lawrence, Live Events at the Gasteig Cultural Center (world premiere), Saturday, May 13 to Thursday, May 18, DANCE Festival 2017

Katja Wachter & James Newton,
march 30 (premiere) to april 1st, 2017, HochX [ mehr ]

Love me Gender?
movement project with acting students of Bayerische Theaterakademie. Regie/Concept: Katja Wachter, Mario Andersen. Premiered on february 14, 2017 at Akademietheater

room service®
Performance (concept: Thomas Kopp) at the Festival euro-scene Leipzig 2016 [ more ]

On/Off stage - A Perform(d)ance
premiered on April 7 / 2016 at schwere reiter [ mehr ]

The art of being an artist. Premiere: January 16 / 2015, at Pasinger Fabrik, [ more ]

Der Weg zum Glück
Play by Ingrid Lausund. Directing, Set and Costumes: Katja Wachter and Mario Andersen, with the actors in the second year of the Bavarian Theatre Academy, premiere: december 9, 2014, Akademietheater, WA march 5 to 11, 2015 [ more ]

Impro Session
with BARTOMUK, Katja Wachter, Helmut Ott & guests, schwere reiter
september, 27 + 28, 2014 [ more ]

Das neue Modell
Solo for the Festival "Würzburg tanzt fantastisch", july 5, 2014, Müllheizkraftwerk [ more ]

performance in five pictures with
Katrin Schafitel, Diether Sommer, Brigitte Spielmann-Sommer, Katja Wachter, june 16, 2014, Carl-Orff-Auditorium [ mehr ]

Eine Blume als Gegenwehr
april, 25, world premiere at Schauspiel Essen of the first theatre play written by Katja Wachter

Die Päpstin
choreography for the work by Thomas Luft/Theaterlust, premiere on march, 13th, 2014, Theater Kempten

Impro Session
with the Kollektiv BARTOMUK, Katja Wachter, Helmut Ott, ...
january 9, 2014, schwere reiter [ mehr ]

Ingwe / Nacht
cooperation with Johannes Öllinger, december 14/15, 2013,
schwere reiter [ more ]

Very, Very Delicate Cycle
cooperation with Mélanie Demers (Montréal), april 26 to 28, 2013,
schwere reiter [ more ]

Directed by Mario Andersen, Katja Wachter. Choreography: Katja Wachter. march 7, 2013 (premiere) Akademietheater [ more ]

I apologize - a reconstruction
25years Tanztendenz, "She's retro", october 10 to 12, 2012, i-camp [ mehr ]

choreography for dancers of TanzTheaterMünchen, july, 5 - 8, schwere reiter [ more ]

Director: Jochen Schölch, Choreography: Katja Wachter
april 16th 2012, premiere at Metropoltheater

evolution remix
short film / solo / trio
november 11. (premiere) - 13, schwere reiter 2011 [ more ]

The space between me and myself
touring in Bresil with the Solo, awarded 2005 in the Internationalen Solo-Tanz-Theater-Wettbewerb Stuttgart, april 2011 in Salvador de Bahia during the Festival "VivaDança", and during "Fórum Internacional de Dança" in São José do Rio Preto

Munich - Zurich and return
artists meet, febr. 3 & 4, schwere reiter 2011, [ more ] and febr. 16. to 18. in Tanzhaus Zürich [ mehr ]

december, 28 (premiere) to february 13, Pasinger Fabrik 2011 [ more ]

Zwischenmensch / Nebenichlich
september 24 - 26, schwere reiter 2010, [ more ] march 12, Tanzspeicher Würzburg 2011

Private War
Theatre-Dance-Project by Mario Andersen and Katja Wachter, Bayerische Theaterakademie, April 2010

Woyzeck, after Georg Büchner, directed by Jochen Schölch, Metropoltheater, june 2010

Undine, die kleine Meerjungfrau
choreography in a production of Nora Bussenius, Junges Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, premiere: 9th february 2010

Virginia, Sylvia, Sarah - Beautiful as a statistic, Selfish Shellfish / Katja Wachter; october 2 - 4, schwere reiter 2009 [ more ]

Speechless (working title), Soloperformance during Tanzwerkstatt Europa: "Insights I", august 10, Muffathalle 2009

Ask.Me.Why, Festival Zwanzig in Fünf, München, 2009

Der Körper und der ganze Rest, Textperformance, Kunstpavillon München, 2009 RODEO MÜNCHEN 2010, june 10-12, schwere reiter

Hamlet for two - Hamlet fort wo
Nürnberg, 2008; INTERPLAY/09, Turin [ mehr ]

Bayerische Theaterakademie
Akte Romeo & Julia
(Ver)lernen fürs Leben, München, 2008

Ist ich ist Du, Theaterforum Gauting, Gemeinschaftsprojekt mit Angela Dauber und Helmut Ott, 2007

Mein Grau ist dunkler als dein Schwarz
Giesinger Bahnhof München, 2007

inside out
Muffathalle, 2007

The machine is bleeding, Tanzlandschaft Würzburg, 2006

nothing, München, 2006

Akademietheater München, 2005

F.R.E.M.D., Fürth, 2005

Akademietheater München, 2004

Dressed Dance
Kosmos Theater, Wien, 2003 Performancetage Salzburg, Kulturgelände Nonntal

Definition of a grapefruit
Theater der Dongduk Universität, Seoul 2003

Close-to-phobia, für das Jigu Dance Theatre, Munye Theater, Seoul, 2003

Duett für beschädigte Tänzer
und Definition of a grapefruit
im Rahmen von Soliloquios y Dialogos Bailados, Mexico City, 2003

Ersatzhaut, dreiteiliger Abend mit der Uraufführung von "Favourite", ein Stück für fünf Tänzer, 35 min, 2002

Dressed dance, Solo, 20 min
Noch zu früh - schon zu spät
Duett, 15 min, 2002

Meeting in the middle, Projekt mit Choreografen aus Brasilien und Korea, 2002

Description of a step
Duett, Seoul, 10 min, 2002

Choreografische Zusammenarbeit mit Philipp Egli, 35 min, 2001

Swanfake Solo
Nationaltheater Seoul, 10 min, 2001

Nachtsprünge, für Kipling Dance Company, Rußland, 30 min, 2001

Stück für 2 Tänzerinnen, 1 Sängerin und 1 Schauspieler, 2001

Duett für beschädigte Tänzer, 20 min, 2000

The 1-Inch-difference
25 min, 2000

Erlaubte Frucht, für das Bayerische Staatsballett, 25 min, 2000

Dead Elvis, für die Abschlußklasse Iwanson, ca.15 min, 1999

Es war dreimal, abendfüllende Choreografie in drei Teilen, i-camp/neues theater münchen, 1999

Chronological autopsy
Solo, ca. 20 min

Vakuum, 20 min

Was ihr wollt?
i-camp/neues theater München, 1998
Teilnahme an der Tanzplattform Deutschland 2000

Viel mer, Duett, 10 min

The leading question, für Malashock Dance &Company, San Diego, ca. 25 min, 1997

Harmlose Entdeckung, Solo, Tanzwerkstatt Europa, 15 min

abendfüllende Produktion

Cruel, bloody fate
1. Preis Choreografenwettbewerb Hannover 1998, 15 min

kcüR, ca. 35 min, 1995

stiffnecks, 30 min

Selbstgespräch, Duett, 25 min

Wohngefeindschaft, 1995

Reich und schön, ca. 30 min

Almost, Duett, ausgewählt für "bancs d´essai internationaux", ca. 15 min

Remote control, 1994, 10 min

I apologize, Solo, Tanzplattform Deutschland, 5 min, 1994