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Tanztendenz München e.V. is the organizer and initiator of a series of projects that take place in the studios of the Lindwurmhof and / or were created especially for the venue schwere reiter.

Since 1995, the association has also published a quarterly dance calendar.

STANDPUNKT.e - welcome to my world

The performance series "STANDPUNKT.e – welcome to my world" takes the subtexts of artistic work as its theme and presents choreographic thinking and doing in a personal format.
Here, choreographers do not introduce themselves with a production, but give insight into their artistic backgrounds and sources of inspiration.

STANDPUNKT thus enables the audience to have a different perspectives on contemporary dance and illuminates those objects, people, thoughts and things that are central to the respective choreographic approaches.

The format was developed in 2009 by Tanztendenz München e.V. especially for the venue schwere reiter: during their one-week stay, the invited choreographers each create two different public evenings on the context and methods of their work.


Jeremy Wade (NY, Berlin), 2009

Pierre Droulers (Brüssel), 2009

Charles Linehan (Brighton, Berlin), 2010

Colette Sadler (Glasgow, Berlin), 2011

Ricardo Iazzetta (São Paulo), 2012

An Kaler (Wien, Berlin), 2013

Claudia Senoner (München, Stuttgart), 2014

Nicole Beutler (München, Amsterdam), 2014

Paulo Emílio Azevedo (Rio de Janeiro), 2015 [ more ]

Pat Graney (Seattle, USA), 2016 [ more ]

Victoria Hauke (Hamburg), 2017 [ more ]

Christina Caprioli (Stockholm), 2019 [ more ]


Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture