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Learn more about dance in Munich! In TTmag dance creators talk about their aesthetics and approach, dance formats and Munich dance topics are put under the microscope!

Conversations about pieces
Stephanie Felber: CARNAL SCREEN

Stephanie, what are you currently working on?

In addition to the preparations and rehearsals for CARNAL SCREEN, I am exploring the possibility of 360-degree sound and psychoacoustics, the interplay of performers and (theatre) space as body and sound within theatre productions; supported by the work and further education grant of the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. .
In this context, for example, a public workshop with the visual artist, scientist and performer Michael Akstaller will take place in November in Halle 6. Michael initiated the class for Dynamic Acoustic Research at the AdBK Nuremberg together with Jan St. Werner in 2017. The workshop will focus on the relationships between sound and space and methods for expanded spatial perception.

Bringing video film and live dance together on stage has been on your mind for quite some time. As if you were always interested in asking how vivid the image can be when you put it in competition with the real dancers - or in exploring what attracts our attention more in co-presence - is that what interests you most about it?

Since I trained as a photo designer and camerawoman after my dance education, I would say that both fields, choreography and film, have accompanied me for quite some time. The intensive involvement with film and video installations has greatly influenced my approach to dance and my view of choreography. In the beginning these media inspired each other, but over time I have tried to interweave them more and more. CARNAL SCREEN thus functions as a peak in which I try - idealised - to let both media become one.
"Presence" in general has also been on my mind for some time. Starting with the audience: how present do I feel as a visitor during a performance? What contributes to the audience feeling present? In collaboration with the performers we work out different levels of presence. Inward and outward (absent and hyper-present) and spatially effective presences of the performers. And as an extension, the transfer to the film level: How present can the image of a person be? Which atmospheres can be transmitted via the film level and how do we zoom in on a person?

In your works, the active participation of the audience is usually very central; they are often allowed to mingle with the performers. This time the audience will sit - quite classically - in the stands. How did you come to this decision?

My productions are experimental and play with the audience's perception. This time I am exploring the extent to which the audience can immerse itself in our live/film production and join in the fever, "zooming in" on the action, so to speak. For this, I would like to propose a uniform perspective instead of assuming from the outset that there are many different perspectives per se due to being in the middle of the action.

For you, CARNAL SCREEN is about suspense, about the tension that is created when you are in the middle of the action. How do you want to create this tension? When I think of suspense, I always think of Hitchcock - are there any cinematic models you follow?

We are interested in the physical tension in which the protagonists find themselves and the play with uncertainty through delay, which can be transferred to the viewers. We will not create suspense in the classic Hitchcock sense, in which the audience is provided with information of which the protagonists know nothing and a story is told. In CARNAL SCREEN we are much more interested in working with a narrative puzzle technique and creating tension. We take our cue from the films of directors: Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Nicolas Roeg, who are masters of this technique, and create parallels in our staging.

The music will probably play an essential role, is this your first collaboration with Christoph Reiserer?

This is my second time working with Christoph Reiserer after "(In)Security" 2019. Our way of working is very collaborative. It's more like a joint research and journey of the whole team. In CARNAL SCREEN, we pursue the evocation of different atmospheres with the music, we play with the perception of a two- and three-dimensional space and explore how expectations can be created through acoustics.

"CARNAL SCREEN" takes place from 28 - 30 July, at 20:30 each night at the schwere reiter: INFO

More about Stephanie Felber: Website

The interview was conducted by Beate Zeller, June 2023

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