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Morning training, evening classes & workshops take place in the studios of Tanztendenz and are organized by the teachers themselves.

daily, 9:30 am - 11:00 am (Once a month)
Morning Class / Bad Lemons
Professional training

The initiative Bad Lemons provides continuous affordable professional contemporary dance training in Munich. The series of classes takes place once a month, from Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 11am in the studios of Tanztendenz Munich e.V.

Each of these week-long training blocks is taught by a different international guest teacher and takes place at a high, professional level. The continuation of affordable professional training in Munich enriches and strengthens network structures and artistic exchanges both within Munich and with foreign international dancers and choreographers.

Bad Lemons training follows the momentum of Munich DancePAT which offered professional training to the community 2016-2018 and was co-directed by Jasmine Ellis & Katrin Schafitel. Bad Lemons strives to continue this good thing for the community.

Once a month, from Monday to Friday
28.01. – 01.02.: Manuel Molino
25.02 – 01.03.: Yael Cibulski
Time: 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Price per training: 5 €
Price for the whole week: 20 €
No need to pre-register!
For any questions e-mail: Jasmine Ellis badlemonsdance@gmail.com
More badlemonsdance.com

25.02 – 01.03.: Yael Cibulski

The class is structured in such a way that dancers can’t resort to habitual movement strategies. The movement material changes and evolves at such a pace that habitual responses are effectively bypassed, sending participants on a quest for additional, new and surprising possibilities. When people come to experience an enlarged set of options, they become more creative and resourceful, and develop reactions of a more spontaneous and precise nature.

Yael Cibulski
Yael holds a bachelor’s degree in dance from the Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2007-2011), and is a former member of the Vertigo Dance Company In Israel (2011-2015). Currently works as a freelance dancer, teacher and independent dancemaker. Additionally, Yael is a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner.
Teaching classes and workshops around the world, Yael has developed a movement vocabulary and approach that incorporates principles and images from Yael’s background of release-based techniques, classical ballet, partnering, the Feldenkrais Method and more primal forms of human intuitive and impulsive movement.
In search of structural patterns that promote ease of movement, particularly with respect to floorwork, the class is devoted to awaken the body awareness, finding skeletal support for explosive movement, examining relationships between gravity and space, using imagery and the imagination in movement initiation, and acknowledging the interplay of physicality, emotion and intellect.

Artistic Director: Jasmine Ellis
Project Management: Rat & Tat Kulturbuero

Morning Class / Bad Lemons in Kooperation mit Tanztendenz München e.V. und dem Tanzbüro München, wird gefördert durch das Kulturreferat der LH München.

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture