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  Jasmine Ellis

Gast in den Probenräumen der Tanztendenz in 2013

6. Februar bis 6. August 2013

Tanztendenz München e.V. wird gefördert
durch das Kulturreferat der LH München
Dance Professional
See Through 2013 Zurich, CH, Choreography Allison Nichol, ADA
Studio(Berlin),Theater der Künste (Zurich)

God Bless 2012 Groningen, NL, Random Collision, Choreography Edan Gorlicki, 25 min solo performed at: The Grand Theatre (Groningen) Club Guy and Roni’s dance WEEK-END., Korzo (Den Haag), Melkweg
( Amsterdam).

Dust 2012 Toronto, CA, Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Choreography Audrey Bergeron, a Dance film about a surprising walk.

Train 2012 Toronto, CA, Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Choreography Brodie Stevenson a dance film about patterns.

Seriously! a Random Collision 2012 Groningen, NL, Random Collision, Concept Kirsten Krans and Edan Gorlicki. An interdisciplinary improv performance.

The Living Room 2011-12 Berlin, GE, Bad Posture Productions, Director Marc Wortel, D.O.P. Ray Demski. A short dance film about one living room, two dancers and a stuffed ferret.

Not So 2010 Berlin, DE & Poland, Mumuki Music and Dance Company, Choreographer Maciej Kuzminski, Composer Ricardo Gasalbo. “A very different look into dance”; “Light, Bright and Hilarious” Moje Miasto Poznan.

Big Enough Box 2009 Groningen, NL Random Collision, Choreographer Edan Gorlicki, Composer Jos Blomsma. An evening of dance and music about finding a space to be free. In association with the band Jean Parlette.

Our House 2009 Delft, NL, Made under the collective umbrella of Due Yesterday Dances, (, Choreography by Jasmine Ellis, Merryn Kritzinger, & Allison Nichol, where present in associating with the arts residency ID11 ( and STeC ( ). The show consisted of three choreographies inside one multimedia installation performance about living everyday as an artist. With music collaborator Henning Goetzk.

My J.O.Y. 2008 Groningen , NL, Dancer Random Collisions, Choreographer Edan Gorlicki. A site-specific investigatory piece addressing domestic violence. In association with StuKaFest

Alone on Paper 2007 Montreal, CA , Dancer Zata Omm, Choreographer William Yong. Excerpt from a stage production about the anniversary of a paper wedding that never took place.

Tenterhook 2007 Toronto, CA, Dancer Zata Omm, Choreographer William Yong. A playful look at the ins and outs of camping, and the dynamic of a trio. Commissioned by Dusk Dances

Octamerous 2007 Toronto, CA Octamerous, Choreography, Brodie Stevenson, Masuyo Higashide, Emily Law, Jennifer Lécuyer, Jasmine Ellis, Jaasiel Bean, &Tera Hawes. A collective creation about human travel and being a person in the crowd. Performed at Pearson International Airport, in associated with Dance Ontario for International Dance Day.

Octamerous 2006 Toronto, CA Octamerous, Dancer, Choreography Masuyo Higashide, Emily Law, Brodie Stevenson, Jennifer Lécuyer, Amanda Acorn, Jasmine Ellis

The Big Glass 2006 Toronto, CA Dancer DNA Theatre, Choreographer Hilliar Liitoja. Multidisciplinary installation with artists responding to The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. Collaborators included Viv Moore, Katherine Duncanson, painter Natasha Doyon, playwright Sue Balint, sound designer Richard Windeyer.

Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy (4th year student), Netherlands, 2007-2008
The School Of Toronto Dance Theatre, Canada 2004–2007
Etobicoke School of the Arts, Canada 2000-2004