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Studio Usage for Choreographers

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  Studio Usage for Choreographers

Every freelance choreographer who is working in the genre of contemporary dance in Munich can submit an application to Tanztendenz München e. V. to request permission to temporarily use the studios. Permission to use the studios is granted in accord with the association’s goal and while taking the current capacity into consideration.

Two different usage rights are granted:

- Studio usage for “production” for rehearsals of one’s own production
(This consists of a ten-week rehearsal allotment per project with a maximum of five hours per day. This usage can be spread over a time period up to six months in duration.)
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- Studio usage for “research” for open-ended work
(This consists of a maximum of three hours per day on three to five days per week for up to six months.)
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To apply for studio usage for either “own production” or “research,” please fill out the accompanying requirements plan (PDF) on a computer and send it via email to:

Requirement plan for “own production” for artists (PDF)

Requirement plan for “research” for artists (PDF)

Please use the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe ...

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