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Hier kündigen wir Veranstaltungen von Mitgliedern und Studionutzern der Tanztendenz an, außerdem Veranstaltungen, die in den Räumen der Tanztendenz oder im schwere reiter stattfinden.
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11. Oktober 2019 / 18:00
Displacement as Choreography


To imagine utopia as transformative power is to imagine it as a site of departure and not a destination. This implies an exercise of displacement and therefore requires a repositioning of our senses and meanings in order to enter the other-place and the other-story. This exercise requires special attention to reproduce choreographic thinking on the move, that is, to choreograph our movements as ways of learning to move in other directions.

Welcome to an open rehearsal of this work in progress brings a dialogue between body, sound, space, and images of the traveling artistic residence veiculoSUR 2018, in which five artists from different nationalities moved from south to north for 4 months, tensioned by the theme "strange bodies, and conflicts of norms."

Perfomance Concept: Maëlys Meyer, David Muñoz, Marcela Olate, Mario Lopes, Gabriel Spinosa, Thaïs Ushirobira
Mapping and vj: Maëlys Meyer
Sound Artist: Gabriel Spinosa
Spatial Design: David Muñoz

Lindwurmstraße 88 / 5. Stock
80337 München
U 3 + U 6, Stadtbus 62 + N 40, Haltestelle Poccistraße

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