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October 30, 2015 / 7 p.m.
Rosalie Wanka & Eldad Ben Sasson

> Tanztendenz

Can the feeling of home be applied to any existing situation?
Can we find a sense of home in any context?
By allowing the sense/feeling of “home” to exist between the creators (us), our dialogue about how we would live and interact in this “home” becomes the creative space - and the performance. It comes down to two people who try to see each other and are being seen in the intent of seeing each other by the audience.

Rosalie Wanka is guest of Tanztendenz München.

Lindwurmstr. 88
80337 München
U3 / U6 Poccistraße

The entrance is free. Registration required: produktion.qsa@gmail.com

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture
Studied classical Ballet at the State Opera Ballet schools of Munich and Vienna and contemporary dance and dance pedagogics at the Anton Bruckner Privat Univiversität Linz, Austria (Master Degree 2013). As a Dancer she worked between 2009 and 2012 for Cie. Off Verticality (AT), Cie. Déjà Donné (IT), Xavier Leroy & Marten Spangberg (FR/SE), Netzwerk AKS (DE/AT), Dali Touiti (TU/DE), Vertigo Tango (AR), Ismael Ivo (BR). Together with Cecilia Loffredo she founded in 2009 the Cia. Quiero Ser Agua and since then tours her own productions (a.o. in Germany, Austria, Czech Rep., Portugal, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico...). Since 2012 she dedicates herself exclusively to her own artistic research. In the frame of this company she realized 9 Productions: Late (2009), Solo una Mujer (2010), Casinas (2012), Viva (2012/13), The day you will love me, Malena... (2013), Tanzgespinnste Dance and Poetry (2014), Mantis (2014), Intus et in Cute te novi (2014/15), Hambre de Piel (2014/15). Some of these productions got partial funding by the city of Linz, region Upper Austria and the state of Austria. In the beginning of 2015 she got her piece "Bezirzungen" financed by the city of Munich, an interdisciplinary cooperation with the Museum Villa Stuck, including life music, short film screenings, acting and dancing. She got invited to teach and perform contemporary dance and Argentine Tango to venues and Festivals in 12 countries in Europe and Latin America.

Eldad studied at the Bat Dor School of Dance. He worked with the Batsheva Dance Company, directed by Ohad Naharin And Vertigo Dance Company, directed by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha'al. Besides this he collaborated with many choreographers such as Mats Ek, Sharon Eyal, Alexandra Waierstall, Paul Norton, Yoshifumi Inao, Orjan Andersson, Michael Getman, Noa Dar, Yossi Berg, among others. He is invited to give workshops in schools, academies and companies in Israel and around the world. Eldad works as a choreographer since 2000. With his creation “4 of a kind” he won the 1st place at the Cross Connection Ballet Competition in Denmark, and the best dancer award. His solo piece "Heterotopia" has been touring the world with great success and for his piece "StrangeAttractor" he received excellent reviews. He is invited as a guest performer in different projects