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It is our goal to aid this independence for Munich based freelance choreographers who work in the field of contemporary dance.
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schwere reiter

On Thursday, September 16, we opened the new building of the schwere reiter together with the theater (PATHOS Munich) and music (scope - spielraum für aktuelle musik). Mayor Dieter Reiter and our architect Lukas Mahlknecht were the laudators!
Now it is there the new house and was already inaugurated with 21 artistic contributions in the context of "geöffnet - we are open" (September 17th + 18th).
So: Go there - here is our full schedule: schwere reiter

  Das Klohäuschen

08. − 10. October 2021 / 6:30 pm
Stefan Maria Marb
Zero – an installation

"Zero" celebrates a creative zero state after a long creative break, which gives the audience intimate insights into a fundamental artistic creative process.

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