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May 13 to 14, 2015 / 7 pm
DANCE 2015:Yang Zhen
Just Go Forward

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The dancers that studied or are still studying at Minzu University of China are in their early 20s. Youthful and passionate, they represent their artistic position between traditional and modern China. Just Go Forward is based on a poem by Chinese poet Ye Ting and deals with the need for freedom and possible ways to achieve it. Young Beijing choreographer Yang Zhen combines traditional Chinese art with contemporary artistic strategies. Following on his pieces LUO LUO, Aria, Migrant and Root, he has turned the focus of Just Go Forward on women’s situation in the society of his homeland, which is orientated around the collective, and reflects on the role of the individual in the community.

Yang Zhen studied dance and choreography at Minzu University of China. He has presented his work as an independent choreographer at major Chinese festivals such as Beijing Dance Festival, Guangdong Dance Festival and China Dance Forward 2014 in Hong Kong, and in collaboration with Tang Ka Dance Studio at the China Shanghai International Arts Festival.

Artist talk: May 13th

Choreographer: Yang Zhen
Dancers: Gao Tian, Zeng Gui, Zhuang Tian, Cao Ningning, Yang Zhen, Xia Xiaoming

World premiere: 10.11.2014, Guangdong Dance Festival


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