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May 19 to May 25, 2013
International Choreographers' Atelier
CLOSE BY - Sous les pavés, la plage

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Choreographers of the Tanztendenz München invite artists and choreographers from Germany and abroad to reflect about their roles as artists in the society they live in. Impulses from practice and theory hailing from different fields will be supporting this process. This edition’s subject matter will be the space, the other place, the different structure, in which artistic creation ideally takes place.
Does artistic autonomy exist only as an Utopia?

Project design
The last Choreographers’ Ateliers (in 2005, 2008, and 2011) dealt with all kinds of artistic role models (pirates, warriors, secret agents, and dissidents) – this time around the subtitle reads “Utopians and Tourists”. We are planning to conceive of this week together as one continuous performance, which is to take place on the premises of Schwere Reiter – including open air cinema, lectures, and practical exercises relating to the topic of Heterotopia.
Michel Foucault characterizes heterotopias as „real places — places that do exist and that are formed in the very founding of society — which are something like counter-sites, a kind of effectively enacted Utopia in which the real sites, all the other real sites that can be found within the culture, are simultaneously represented, contested, and inverted. Places of this kind are outside of all places, even though it may be possible to indicate their location in reality.“ Heterotopias unfold a difference vis-à-vis the remaining space. Extreme heterotopias are in this regard the illusionary space and the compensatory space. They possess the ability to unite several incongruous spaces in one place and to create a connection between them, where none seemed possible. Here, their own underlying structure of time plays an important role: „The heterotopia begins to function at full capacity when men arrive at a sort of absolute break with their traditional time.“

For the space of time of eight days five international choreographers/artists will be invited to focus together with the Munich choreographers on alternative spaces and places, while also conquering very concretely some places in the city with their presence. At a point in time when there is some debate in Munich about a Creative Quarter (Kreativquartier), the artists will formulate their own position regarding those spaces in which creativity can occur.

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Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture
  About the Guests

Tatiana Clavel (Valencia)
Tatiana Clavel (1978) is finishing her PhD with an investigation about dance and video (Rey Don Juan Carlos University). She is MA in Performing Arts and has a diploma on Digital Media and Stage (University of Barcelona). She is also BA Hons in Contemporary Dance (Altea Arts College) and has a degree in Classical Dance (Valencia Conservatoire).
She founded La Coja Dansa with Santi de la Fuente and Raúl León; the company came to life at the Altea Arts College in 2000 and went professional in 2004 with the short pieces “J’aime beaucoup le fromage” and “Fracaso n.6”. After settling in Valencia, they presented “Nada que Ver” (2005), “Mucho que Perder” (2006 - selected for the Circuito’07 by the Network of Alternative Spaces), “Todo por Hacer” (2007 – selected for Proyecto Bailas? By the APDCV), “Prólogo del Temblor”, “Retrats Habitats” (selected for the Danza a Escena by the INAEM and Red de Teatros de Titularidad Pública) and “Compañía” (2008), Fracaso n.7, Fracaso n.8 and Fracaso n.9 - Abril Award for the Best Dance Performance in the Valencian Comunity (2009), No Falta Ninguno (2010), Accidia (2011) and The Dying Dog and Amagatall (2012) At the beginning, they participated in many competitions, but they did not win any of them. They have participated in festivals such as L’Obert Dansa, Festival del Cos d’Alzira, Mostra de Peces Curtes, Marató de l’Espectacle i Festival Visual i Sonor (Barcelona), Dansa a Elx (Alicante), Dansa València, Tensdansa (Terrassa), Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Alexandria/Egypt), Periferias (Huesca), FestivALT (Vigo), Quinzena de Dança Almada (Portugal) and Les Repérages de Lille (France). Tatiana is very active in the pedagogic area and has worked in many institutions as the Valencian Conservatoire, the Popular University, the Mislata Performing Arts School, the EACC (Contemporary Arts Space of Castelló) and many others.

Santi de la Fuente (Valencia)
Santi de la Fuente (1976) has a MA in Culture Management (Valencia University) and BA Hons in History of Art (Valencia University) and Contemporary Dance (Altea Arts College).
He founded La Coja Dansa with Tatiana Clavel and Raúl León; (->see chapter of Tatiana about the Company’s Work)
Besides his work with the company, he manages A Contar Mentiras, a small dance centre in Valencia with pedagogical programs for children and adults, performing activities and residencies for young companies. He also works as a volunteer with young people with social exclusion risks.

João Costa Espinho
(Paris / Portugal)

Born in Portugal, in 1979. Independent dancer, choreographer. At the moment lives and work between Porto and Paris. He began his dance studies with Conchita Ramirez following the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dancing. He took the Course of Choreographic Research and Creation-Lisbon in Fórum Dança. In 2002, he took part in island 1- Capitals Encontros Acarte 2003 of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Un-under the roof-Choreography as an investment in risk, dance as a laboratory of doubt). As a dancer and performer he has worked with Ne Barros, Isabel Barros, Nigel Charnock, Joclécio Azevedo, Alberto Magno, Ana Figueira, Pedro Carvalho, Mathilde Monnier, Rui Horta, Javier de Frutus, Jamie Watton, Jaro Vinarsky, Peter Bebjack, Juraj Korec, Vera Mantero and Bruno Listopad, Joana Antunes and Ana Borges among others. As a choreographer his work has been presented in Portugal, England, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy and Slovakia. Among others pieces he developed "lilly 03" (2003), "Eus" (2004) "peter 05" (2005) "Jo and Jo" (2007) and more recently "Simon"(2009), "Anticorpo" (2009) for the Culturgest Foundation and "Esboço" (2012). He is preparing is next piece "Bestiaire". He represented Portugal in the dance field at the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean - PUGLIA 2008, and in Les Reperages - danse à Lille in 2010. Attends the integrated MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Porto. Erasmus Student 2010/2011 at Paris 5 - Université Paris Descartes.

Nadine Gerspacher
(Barcelona / Freiburg)
She was born in 1976 in Freiburg, Germany. She was graduated at the “Iwanson School of Contemporary dance” Munich in 2002. Scholarships brought her to Stockholm and Barcelona. After finishing her education she danced for various choreographers like Stephan Herwig, Katja Wachter, Regine Blum, Jessica Iwanson, Anna Sanchez ect. She was dancing at the “Opera of Passau”, for Jonathun Lunn and was member of the company “Holterdancers” of Anna Holter (Munich) for 5 years. Since 2007 she lives in Barcelona and teaches at the education school of Anna Sanchez “Varium” education-classes in Contemporary Dance, Modern-Jazz, Improvisation, Composition and she is creating numerous short choreographies for school and theatre performances. She works as the assistent of Anna Sanchez since 2008. Nadine teaches Workshops in Spain, France, Swizerland and Germany. In 2011 she founded her own company “Cia.Nadine Gerspacher” in collaboration with Helena Canas and Anna Fontanet in Barcelona. Since 2011 Nadine is a member of the “Dave St.Pierre Company” Canada and also works for the company “Cia.Sonia Rodriguez” Barcelona.
Own works which were performed at different dance festivals and theaters in Germany, France and Spain: 2012 “Triturar el tiempo”(in collaboration with Nicolas Ricchini). “9 en 1” (creation for the students of the professional formation of Varium school) Auditorio de Sant Cugat/Barcelona. 2011 “Run” in collaboration with Anna Fontanet and Helena Canas, Auditorio de Sant / Cugat/Barcelona. “A36,5- temperatura humana” (in collaboration with Jeanne Morel), Barcelona. “A36,5- temperatura humana” (in collaboration with Jeanne Morel), Teatro Prinzipal de Menorca. 2010 “Espaguetti a la putanesca” (creation for the students of the professional formation Varium school Auditorio de Sant Cugat/Barcelona). 2009 “Puzzle” Teatro Gorga, Palamos 2007 “Andy Warhol” “Künstlerhaus” München 2006 “le triosieme solo” “St.Pierre de cuisine” Toulouse 2005 “DependAnce” “Pasinger Fabrik” München Winner of the competition for young choreographers Barcelona with the piece: “Nada por obligacion, todo por ilusion” in 2010. Currently Nadine works on her latest piece “Elegantly Wasted” with Cia. Nadine Gerspacher and teaches at Varium school in Barcelona . She also tours with the latest piece “Foudre” of Dave St.Pierre Company throughout Europe.

Antigoni Linardou (Athen, geb. 1975)
Education at High Professional School of Dance “Niki Kontaxaki Bakali” (1995-1998, Athens) and «ΑΝΙΜΑ» Educative Encouragement Studies (2005-2007, Athens) Founding Member of the Dance Company «KI OMOS KINEITAI» (2003-2013) participation in the following performances: «ARRIBA» (2004), «ISAAC NEWTON’S LIE» (2005), «INFERNO» του Dante Alighieri (2006), «PURGATORIO» του Dante Alighieri (2010), «IL PARAISSO» του Dante Alighieri (2011), «MEDDET» (2012), «THE GOD’S PARTICLE» (2013) ; Teaching Aerial Acrobatics (Trapeze, Hoop) at The Circus School of Athens “CIRCUS DAYZ” (2012/13)