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May 17 to 18, 2022 / 8:30 pm
Paula Rosolen / Haptic Hide
16 BIT

schwere reiter

“16 BIT” is a new contemporary dance production exploring the unique circumstances that allowed techno to become an artform and social phenomenon.

Emerging from a decades-deep transatlantic cultural exchange, techno has given voice and purpose to marginalised communities, incubated scientific experimentation and courted the avant-garde through technological and cultural revolutions. It’s an Afrofuturist expression for the Black community in Detroit, and it embodied liberation and reunification as the Berlin wall fell.

“16 BIT” absorbs these ideas and examines the evolution of techno from the ill-defined, DIY landscape of 1980s electronic music through to the globally recognised genre that heralded the early 90s. As a performance, 16 BIT expresses the inherent energy of techno’s progressive arc in movement, embodying the music’s physicality and the resulting motion of the collective as a committed, hypnotic body – a body weighted with meaning and charged with the power to change the world beyond the confines of the dancefloor.

Idea, Choreography: Paula Rosolen, Concept: Paula Rosolen, J.M. Fiebelkorn, Created with and danced by Capucine Schattleitner, Daniel Conant, Felipe Faria, Kyle Patrick, Steph Quinci, Steven Fast / Music: Nicolas Fehr / Costumes: Anika Alishewski, J.M. Fiebelkorn / Lights: Tanja Rühl / Choreographic Assistance: Christopher Matthews / Research: Oli Warwick / Production Management: Dominga Ortuzar Bullemore / Graphic Design, Visuals: Yuka Sano, J.M. Fiebelkorn / Production: Paula Rosolen/Haptic Hide

schwere reiter
Dachauer Straße 116
80636 München
Tram 12, 20, 21 or Bus 53
Station Leonrodplatz

17 / red. 10,- Euro
Reservation essential: www.schwerereiter.de

A production by Paula Rosolen/Haptic Hide in co-production with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in the context of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main and CCN-Ballet National de Marseille as part of accueil studio / French Ministry of Culture. Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts. With the kind support of the Tanzbüro Munich, Tanztendenz München e.V. and schwere reiter tanz. Haptic Hide receives a multi-year support from the cultural office of Frankfurt am Main and is supported by DIEHL+RITTER / TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. With the kind support of the Tanzbüro Munich

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture