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Petra Fornayová

Residency at Tanztendenz
july 14 to 23, 2015

Showing at Tanztendenz july 22, 2015, 6 p.m.


The main starting point is the composition of Phillip Glass Music for Changing Parts. In the dance performance I want to use primarily a minimalistic approach and ostinato movements – as it is present in the musical score, to use the principles of transcription the musical partitura into the choreography. The plann is to perform it together with the Cluster Ensemble, to create a common space of movement and music. As the musicians are the members of the Cluster Ensemble, one of the best contemporary music ensemble in Slovakia, having experiences with presenting graphical partituras of fluxus artists etc., we plann to incorporate the musicians into the staging, too.
I would like to use the time of the residency for movement material research, looking for the main dramaturgical principles used later on for the staging, using only musical recordings. Not planning to work during the residency on the light design and scene.

Concept, choregraphy: Petra Fornayová
Scene, light design, costumes, graphics: Jan Ptačin
Music dramaturgy / consultancy: Ivan Šiller / Cluster Ensemble
Dancers: still in the selection process – planning to have an audition in the spring 2015
Music: Cluster Ensemble
PR, production: Martina Kotláriková
Planned premiere: dec 2015

Tanztendenz Munich e.V. is sponsored
by the Munich Department of Arts and Culture
(1972, Bratislava)
studied law at the University of Comenius and dance at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and at the EDDC Düsseldorf. Except for different courses she participated regularly at the MAPA activities (Moving academy for performing arts, Holland). She was among others dancer of the Slovak State Opera Banská Bystrica, member of Théatre du Mouvement, Paris. She performed in many dance and theatre projects of Slovak and foreign directors and choreographers (P.Groll, A. Green/USA, M.Fulkerson/USA,DE, C.Heggen/FR, M. Hawkins/GB, etc.). Since 2000, she has created her own choreographies (Deep Disorder of Epidermis, Who Is Annik?, Diamondance, Everything I Love, Objects of Research etc.). She participated at the festivals Tanec Praha, Festival d´ Otoňo Madrid, Mediawave Festival Györ, Bratislava in Movement, Divadelná Nitra, etc. She teaches contact improvisation, writes for contemporary art magazine Vlna. Since 2001, she is in charge of Slovak Contemporary Dance Association. In 2003, she was a co-fonder of the A4-space for contemporary art in Bratislava. In 2006, she has founded and organises the international contemporary dance festival Nu Dance Fest in Bratislava.