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Member since 2015
Judith Hummel

performance and dance artist, teacher, shiatsu practitioner

After her studies of theater science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (2008) Judith established herself as a performer, dancer and choreographer in the local independent scene. She attended an intensive class at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam (2005) and collaborated with various choreographers and teachers, like Joao Fiadeiro, Felix Ruckert, Martin Nachbar. Her latest engagement as a performer was with choreographer Doris Uhlich, HABITAT, pandemic version, Kammerspiele Munich (2020).
Judith Hummels choreographies are influenced by her experience as a performer in exhibition spaces like "12 Rooms" (Ruhrtriennale, Folkwang Museum Essen, 2012), MOVE (Haus der Kunst, Munich, 2011). She created durational live-installations such as "AKT" (2014) and "Papierdialoge" (2015) together with a core team of collaborators from the fields of dance, music, dramaturgy, design and film. In the last years she referred to her origin in the project "Where do I come from?" (2019 - 2021).
Writing is a crucial tool in the documentation of her processes. After collaborating as a dancer with choreographer Rosemary Butcher (2014/2015) she started an archival project about the British choreographer leading to a publication (2017/2018). The work inspired her to continue exploring methods of improvisation in order to form a sort of archive that may be used by everybody working in the same field.
Since 2021 she teaches actor students (ARTEMIS acting school Munich) and she is one of the leading team members in the pilot project "Tanz.Die.Invasion" (Spielen in der Stadt e.V. Munich). She is about to finish her diploma as a shiatsu practitioner at the European Shiatsu Institute Munich.
Judith Hummel enrolled in the program of MA CoDE in 2021.


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