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  Rosemary Butcher

Gast im Rahmen des Residenzprogramms der Tanztendenz
19. - 23. Februar 2015

production: Secrets of the Open Sea

Performances 5, 6, 7 March 2015, Dance 4, Nottingham

This double bill features a film installation, "Secrets of the Open Sea", and a performance, "The Test Pieces", as part of an investigation of memory in relation to the present and future.
"Secrets of the Open Sea" is a pivotal film installation from archive series Language as Source. This three-screen video installation creates a sculptural and immersive experience around the concept ‘desolation of things past and decayed’. References to and from the past remain integral to the work which functions as an active ‘searching’ for ‘lost legacies’ that the spectator engages in. The archive installation integrates recordings of creative processes and in particular deals with development of language used in now-archived work.
This is further illustrated in Butcher’s new live gallery work "Test Pieces", involving four dancers, negotiating a form that is revealed through working with a specific site, thematising the connection to her specific history of the Judson Dance Movement. Inspired by the perception of form in ruins, the work constitutes an active enquiry into what remains, a ‘looking at something that has its root elsewhere’, in a process of choreographic notation that shifts forward and backwards in time.

Tanztendenz München e.V. wird gefördert
durch das Kulturreferat der LH München
  rosemary butcher