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Gast in den Probenräumen der Tanztendenz in 2014

Zeitraum: 1. Januar bis 30. Juni 2014

Forschungsvorhaben: "Camp Norr"

Projektentwicklung: Marie Lykkemark
Aufführungsorte: Israel, Palästina, Jordanien und München
Termine: Israel, Palästina und Jordanien im Mai 2014 und im Frühling 2014 in München
Beteiligte: Cheri Isen, Edith Pedersen, Markus Kunas, Marie Lykkemark

Es handelt sich um eine Forschungszeit und Vorbereitung für ein Projekt mit dem dänischen Choreografen Rasmus Sørinus Jensen, der im Mai 2014 ein Visuelles Produkt in Israel, Palästina und Jordanien dreht. Wir möchten hier in München eine Plattform für Camp Norr etablieren. Wir trainieren für diese Reise und gleichzeitig möchten wir im Frühling 2014 eine Vorstellung in München machen. Wir bekommen Unterstützung von Camp Norr in Dänemark und werden auch mit Rasmus Sørinus Jensen und seinen Tänzern eine ganz nahe Beziehung und Kommunikation haben.

Description of the concept
We will work with the technic “Varq De Alvo”, which was developed by the Danish choreographer, Rasmus Sørinus Jensen, in collaboration with homeless orphans, exposed teenagers and professional dancers in Belgium. This technic focuses on processing the emotional states of the dancers or others’ inspiration sources, and throughout pedagogic tools and sensory images are able to create interesting and innovative choreographic work. Rasmus Sørinus Jensen is the founder of CampNorr and BIG FIVE world cultural exchange program, which are organizations that create and share visual performing arts across borders. These projects focuses on vulnerable local groups in conflicted areas. The ambition is to communicate the difficulties and emotions of conflicts relevant of our time.
CampNorr is a Nordic platform, which goal is to be frontrunner of BIG FIVE and the tool is the choreographic work through films and visual arts, as a suggestion how to work and communicate. CampNorr works with film as its main end product, because it easily can be shared on social platforms, with no geographic difficulties, and is a very efficient tool to break language, political and religious barriers. Not only is the end product important, but just as important is the process. For example will CampNorr have a researching period this November and will travel to Jordan, Israel and Palestine to work with local cultural institutions and interview the locals and listen to their stories. Without taking a political statement, we will give these people a voice and they will have a very big part in forming and constructing the manuscripts.
Next year the Munich group will meet with the members of BIG FIVE from Copenhagen, Brussels and Stockholm in Jordan, Israel and Palestine. All groups have been educated and trained in the technic “Varq De Alvo”, and together we will create relevant visual choreographic work throughout the stories of the locals. The material, which will be shot in spring 2014, will be used as a documentary, educational material and as a choreographic film.
For further information about the concept and earlier work:

Throughout working with “Varq de Alvo” and preparing for our travel, we wish to research for creating a separate project in Munich in the spring of 2014.

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